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CD-T150 aircraft tow tractor technical specification

Aircraft Towing Tractor

CD-T150 aircraft tow tractor technical specification

CHIDGE model CD-T150 is a kind of up-to-date developed type tow tractor with light capacity of towing the narrow body aircrafts as push back based on absorption of the similar equipment from local and overseas markets. The equipment has the features as below:

➢ Four wheel drive.

➢ Four wheel hydraulic steering.

➢ Four wheel hydraulic braking.

➢ Three Steering selection of modes: (front wheel steering, four wheel coordinated steering, and Crab wheel steering).

The complete equipment is tight constructed with low Centre of gravity and low height of total shape. The maximum towing capacity can be 150TON that makes it is able to provide towing service for the aircrafts such as B757, B737, B727, B717, A320, MD-90, MD82, TU154 and other narrow body or small size aircrafts.


    Product StandardCHIDGE

    ➢ IATA AHM 905   Civil Airport Support Equipment Reference.
    ➢ IATA AHM 910   Airport Ground Support Equipment Basic Requirement.
    ➢ IATA AHM 913   Airport Ground Support Equipment Basic Safety Requirement.
    ➢ IATA AHM 915   Standard Control.
    ➢ MH/T6017-1999  Aircraft Towing Tractor.

    Main Technical ParametersCHIDGE

    Max. Traction Value 120KN
    Max. Towing capacity 160T
    Gross weight  15T
    Overall dimension
    Length (without towing assembly) 4800mm
    (With towing assembly) 5360mm
    Width (with rear view mirror) 2100mm
    Height 2020mm
    Wheelbase 2150mm
    Ground Clearance 200mm
    Turning Radius 5800mm (two wheel) , 3400mm (four wheel)
    Max. Vehicle Speed 25 Km/h
    Drive method hydraulically mechanical transmission, double axle four-wheel driving.
    Braking hydraulically, two-way, accumulator pressure maintaining

    Main Structure and ConfigurationCHIDGE

    The T150 aircraft tow tractor is made up of commercial chassis, engine, gearbox, transmission shaft, front/rear axle, driver's cabin, braking system, steering system, control system and so on.

    1. Main Truck Framework
    It is completed by welding of the high-strength steel plate with relief annealing on the entire welded body. This is in conjunction with the entire process of the surface and assembling holes. The upside is covered with board and is adhered with antiskid materials. 

    2. Suspension
    Front axle adopts the leaf spring suspension.

    3. Towing Hook
    There are towing hooks assembled in the front and rear side of the vehicle.

    Diesel Engine
    The Diesel engine is assembled on the back of the main vehicle framework, which makes it is best distributed for the load of front axle and rear axle.
    Design: Deutz BF4M2012-10T3R Diesel Engine
    Type: Four Stroke water cooling, straight-spurt type turbo diesel engine. 
    Cylinder: 4 cylinders 
    Rated power: 74.9kw / 2300 rpm 
    Max. Torque: 390Nm / 1400rpm 
    Fuel system: Tier 3 with ECU pump Fuel consumption: 215 g/ kW·h Emission standard: EU Stage III

    Transmission, Front / Rear axle
    The gearbox and engine is connected through the transmission shaft which is assembled on the ear seat of the two side of the middle part of the main vehicle framework. The two output ends of the gearbox are connected through the main speed-down of the front/rear transmission shaft and drive axle. The power of the engine passes through gearbox, transmission shaft, main reduction gearbox, differential axle, reducer aside the wheels, wheel rim and at last to the tyres that achieves the complete axles driving.
    1. Gearbox
    ➢ Design: US DANA Gearbox T12000 series
    ➢ Gears: Forward four / Backward three
    ➢ Control measurement: Electro-hydraulic power gearing system can achieve the slow starting of 0-4.5Km/h, the gear shifting operation is soft without impact.

    2.Transmission Shaft
    ➢ Made-in-China

    3. Front / Rear Drive Axle
    Front Drive Axle:
    ➢ Manufacturer: USA DANA imported origin
    ➢ Type:  planetary geared type / swinging type
    ➢ Steering system: Hydraulic
    ➢ Connection method of the vehicle body: Leaf spring suspension
    ➢ Differential mechanism: Planetary geared type
    Rear Drive Axle:
    ➢ Manufacturer: USA DANA imported origin
    ➢ Type:   planetary geared type / swinging type
    ➢ Steering system: Hydraulic
    ➢ Connection method of the vehicle body: Rigid connection
    ➢ Differential mechanism: Planetary geared type
    ➢ Tire model: 300/70R15
    ➢ Quantity: 4 tires           

    Steering System
    ➢ Type: Full hydraulic power steering
    ➢ Assistant assembly: it is assembled with electric pump that is assembled independently from the engine which can provide the optional turning function.

    Electrical System
    ➢ The equipment has complete electric operation system which is fully electric and conveniently operated.
    ➢ System voltage: 24VDC

    Driver's Cabin
    ➢ Type: Fixed.
    ➢ Configuration: Fixed rear window, double door, adjustable seats, device display system, control system, screen wiper, defrosting equipment, left-right back mirror, rear drawbar mirror, yellow alert light on top of the cabin.

    Air Condition
    In order to make the driving more comfortable, the equipment has the cool/warm air conditioning system.

    Beacon Light System
    ➢ Back light: far / near light, position light, backup light, direction signal light, braking light, braking light, Hitch & pin light.
    ➢ Front light: far/near light, position light, backup light, turn light, braking light, hitch & pin light
    ➢ Vehicle ceiling light: Driver's cabin ceiling light, Alert light

    Emergency Stop Switch of the Engine
    There is an emergency stop button in each driver's cabin. The driver can stop the vehicle if it meets any emergency issue. 

    In order to provide guidance for customer to use such equipment and provide a good daily maintenance service on the equipment, there will be supplied with the technical documents as well as the special tools and other optional components when the equipment exit the manufacturer's workshop.