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CD-PS580 self-propelled passenger stairs specification

Aircraft Passenger Stairs

CD-PS580 self-propelled passenger stairs specification

Model: CD-PS580

The model CD-PS580 Self-propelled passenger Stairway is our company latest design for passenger boarding service in airport. It is universal type with hydraulically operated and controlled from the driver’s seat. It is designed and engineered to service all aircraft with doorsill heights between 2200 and 5800mm. This model is available with many options to meet your specific operational needs.


    ➢ IATA AHM 905 The Reference of Airport Ground Support Equipment.
    ➢ IATA AHM 910 The Basic Requirement of Airport Ground Support Equipment. 
    ➢ IATA AHM 913 The Basic Safety Requirement of Airport Ground Support Equipment.
    ➢ IATA AHM 915 Standard Control.
    ➢ IATA AHM 916 The Basic Requirement of Support Surface of Bias Operate Equipment.
    ➢ IATA AHM 920 Function Explanation of Self- Propelled Passenger Steps. 
    ➢ MH/T6029-2003 Passenger Steps.
    ➢ EN 12312-1-2002 Passenger Steps.




    This passenger stairway is capable of servicing: A-300-600, A-310, A-318,A-319, A-320, A-321, A-330, A-340, B-707-320B, B-727, B-737, B-747, B-747-SP, B-757, B-767, B-777, DC8, DC10, L-1011, MD-11, TU-154,TU-154B aircraft, etc.  


    1. Standard Dimensions       
    Floor Height Service range 2,200mm ~ 5,800mm
    Step width 1,500 mm                    
    Incline angle of stairs to horizontal level 30°~38°
    Maximum vehicle speed 23 km/h
    Minimum stable vehicle speed ≤3 km/h
    Wheelbase 3,200 mm
    Front / Rear wheel tread 2,000 mm / 2,000 mm
    Platform length 1,800 mm (Including 300mm extended length)
    Platform width 2,200 mm
    Step dimension and quantity
    Telescopic stairs (13 steps) Dimension 1,500x290x190mm (LxWxH)
    Fixed stairs (15 steps) Dimension 1,500x290x190mm                                 
    Overall Dimension (lowered) 7,560 x 2,400 x 3,700mm (without canopy)                    
    Overall Dimension (lowered) 8,635 x 2,600 x 5,250mm (with canopy)                    
    Overall Load capacity 7,560 kg (108 person @ 70kg/person)
    Load capacity of Stairs 5,950kg (3persons@step, 25 steps)
    Upper platform load capacity 1,680kg (24 persons)
    Middle platform load capacity 630kg (9 persons)
    Minimum ground clearance 200 mm                    
    Curb weight 6,850kg / 7,850 kg (with canopy)   

    2. Chassis and Power System    
    The CD-PS580 Self-propelled passenger stairs consists of chassis, fixed stairs, telescopic stairs, Lifting mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.
    ● Cummins Diesel engine: QSF2.8t3Na49, 36.5kw@2400rpm, 186Nm / 1100 - 1500rpm, Four cylinders, Four strokes, Water Coolant, 2.8L displacement, EU IIIA
    ● Automatic transmission: Japanese Okamura Y43280D, Automatic transmission, Type: Hydraulic automatic transmission, single stage torque converter, 2 Phase, 3 components comprehensive type, simple structure and stable performance. 
    Front one gear, Rear one gear                       
    ● Heavy duty alternator and battery                        
    ● Vinyl bench seat and floor mats
    ● Front axle: steering axle, with disc brake, Single side double caliper double cylinder brake, 5T rated load.
    ● Rear axle: driving axle, with drum type traveling and parking brake, rated load of 5T.
    ● Tires: 7.5-15
    ● Brake system: 8+9 Inch vacuum power steering
    ● With Driver's Cabin (with air conditioning system and heating)

    3. Hydraulic System  
    The hydraulic system includes hydraulic tank, hydraulic pump, hand pump, hydraulic valve units, pipeline valves, connectors, hard hydraulic pipeline, and soft hydraulic pipes, details are as below.
    ● 90L Hydraulic tank.
    ● Famous branded hydraulic pump.
    ● EATON Hydraulic valve units.
    ● Italian OV pipeline valves.
    ● Directional control in cab.
    ● Italy HV brand Auxiliary hand pump for emergency retraction.
    4. Electrical System   
    ● 12 volt DC electrical system, negative grounded.
    ● 80Ah Maintenance-free battery.
    ● Engine hour meter.
    ● LED lights for Fully illumination of steps and platform.
    ● Amber flushing light for airport operation.

    5. Ladder Construction  
    The Ladder body mainly consists of fixed stairs, telescopic stairs and upper platform. Both of the telescopic stairs and fixed stairs are welded frame with longitudinal channel steel and cross brace. Both steps of ladders and platform are hollow and covered with aluminum alloy panels, which increase the integrity of stairs and can eliminate the step distortion as well as remove any sound of stepping between steps and crossbeams. The new design can make the passengers feeling the "Foot on Ground" when they walk on the passenger stairs.
    ● Primary structure, Complete steel welded.
    ● Side panels, aluminum.
    ● Steps and platform, nonskid aluminum plate.
    ● Rubber bumpers located on platform forward edge.
    ● Protected by epoxy based primer and polyurethane paint.

    6. Lifting Mechanism
    The lifting mechanism consists of lifting cylinder, pawl cylinder, locking mechanism, etc. The lifting cylinder is the power cylinder for the lifting mechanism. The lifting cylinder with hydraulic lock, pawl cylinder, locking mechanism for safety protection device, play a role of double locking protection. 

    7. Safety Features
    ● Lock valves mounted on each pair of hydraulic cylinders.
    ● Front bumper with anti-touching sensor and rubber.
    ● Warning light in cab to indicate stabilizer position.
    ● Mechanical locking mechanisms for the main stair section and A-frame.
    ● Operator’s observation window in cab roof.
    ● Hydraulically operated stabilizers located at front and rear end.

    8. Options
    ● 8kg Fire extinguisher.
    ● Canopy (with fully closed or semi-closed).
    ● VIP Carpet in red color.
    ● Plastic imitation wood handrail.
    ● Rubber stair treads and platform surface.
    ● Duplicate controls (electric) from top platform.
    ● Alternate chassis, engine and transmission.
    ● Heater and Air conditioning system in Driver's cab.
    ● Heating and winter package for Extreme Cool weather.
    ● Additional paint colors of stabilizers.
    ● Engine water temperature meter.

    9. Shipping Documents
    ● Operation Manual.
    ● Spare Parts Manual.
    ● Engine manual.
    ● Transmission Manual.
    ● Quality Certificate.

    10. Photography for Reference10vy4