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CD-GPU140-PT GPU specification

GSE Ground Power Unit

CD-GPU140-PT GPU specification

Ground Power Unit, CD Series

Model: CD-GPU140-PT/PQ

The CD Series 400 Hz GPU (Ground Power Unit) features a brushless revolving field generator, rubber torsion axle-mounted of rugged galvanized steel construction with fifth wheel steering and powder-coated sheet metal panels chassis (or mounted on truck chassis). The unit can be used for both military and civilian aircrafts with the latest emission standards.


    CD-GPU140-PT GPU Specification2jny




    Cummins Diesel Engine


    Rated Current

    Overall Dimension  (PT Type) (mm)












    PT – Trailer mounted type, e.g. CT-GPU140-PT means 140kVA trailer type GPU.
    PQ –Truck mounted type, e.g. CT-GPU140-PQ means 140kVA truck mounted type GPU.


    Altitude above sea level: ≤4000m
    Relative humidity: ≤95%
    Ambient temperature: -10℃ --- +50℃


    1. 400Hz 115/200 volts nominal, ±10% adjustable, 3 phase (0.8PF), 4 wire revolving field, brushless, self-cooling, permanently lubricated dual bearings, brushless rotating rectifier assembly, directly coupled to the engine. Engine and Generator vibration mounted. 
    2. Digital Control Module features voltage regulation, generator fault protection, and a generator operating parameter display. The Control modular monitors the 400 Hz output when 400 Hz is in use and automatically switches over to monitor 28.5 VDC output when optional 28.5 VDC transformer rectifier is in use. The voltage regulator provides line drop compensation on 400 Hz as well as line drop compensation and current limiting on optional 28.5 VDC transformer rectifiers. The control displays the generator output operating parameters such as voltage, current, and frequency digitally on a backlit LCD.

    1. Voltage regulation: ±1% over the full range of generator loading. 
    2. Voltage modulation: 0.5% at steady state. 
    3. Frequency regulation: ±2Hz Steady rate 

    Transients Recovery
    1. Frequency: To within ± 5Hz in<2 seconds 
    2. Voltage: to Within ± 1% in 100 milliseconds 

    Engine Specifications
    1. Cummins diesel engine, QSB6.7, EUIII, 193kW/2200rpm, 6 cylinders
    2. With Dry type
    3. Air cleaner, full flow fuel and lube oil filters
    4. Muffler, heavy-duty radiator, blower type fan
    5. And battery charge alternator. 
    6. Low coolant shutdown
    7. De-aerator tank
    8. 24V starting motor

    Engine controls/instruments 
    1. 24 Volt battery, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, running time meter, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, automatic shut down for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature. 
    2. On electronic diesel engine versions, the electronic engine governors provide precise frequency regulation and fast transient response. Engine protection such as low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, and over speed protection are programmed into the engine electronic control module. An engine diagnostic connector is provided for communicating with the engine. Engine operating parameters are displayed which include: 
    ➢ Engine hours                     
    ➢ Engine RPM 
    ➢ System Voltage  
    ➢ Oil Pressure 
    ➢ Coolant temperature  
    ➢ % Engine load at the current RPM  
    ➢ Active and stored service codes 
    ➢ View engine configuration parameters 
    ➢ A separate analog fuel gage is provided.  

    1. Digital display: Factors including oil pressure, cooling temperature, fuel level and necessary factors are integrated in one LCD panel, which replaced traditional gauges. The operation is more convenient and easier than traditional type. All operation value is stored in the panel so that administrator can check it anytime. 
    2. Indicator lights for AC and DC output. 
    3. Switches for output operation and control power. 

    1. Over voltage: Disconnects output at 135 volts within 1~5 seconds (adjustable). 
    2. Under voltage: Disconnects output at 100 volts within 2~4 seconds (adjustable). 
    3. Over frequency: Disconnects output above 420Hz within 3 seconds. 
    4. Under frequency: Disconnects output below 380Hz within 3 seconds. 
    5. Overload: 
    ➢ 125% rated load for 5 minutes 
    ➢ 150%rated load for 18 seconds 
    ➢ 200% rated load for 5 seconds 

    Standard Supply
    ➢ Cummins diesel engine powered 
    ➢ With Transformer-rectifier kit for 28.5VDC. 
    ➢ Cold weather starting aid. 
    ➢ PT type (trailer mounted). 
    ➢ Low fuel alarm and shutdown. 
    ➢ Low coolant shutdown. 
    ➢ Caution lights options. 
    ➢ Western brand Contactor.
    ➢ Galvanized Framework.
    ➢ Solid tires spare additional