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18T 20FT Pallet Dolly

Pallet Dolly

18T 20FT Pallet Dolly

Product name: 18, 20T pallet dolly

Model: CD018

Loading: End loading

Weight: ≥2800KG

Use: It is suit for P1P, P6P, PLA, FQA, FQW, PMW, PRA, P7E pallet

    Technical and parameterCHIDGE


    ➢ The pallet dolly shall be equipped with 14 sets of limit guide rollers on both sides and 4 units of movable baffles in the middle according to the specifications and dimensions of the pallet. It can load two 10 ft (P6P. PMC) pallets, one 16 ft pallet and one 20 ft pallet. During operation, the movable baffle can be easily blocked by pulling it in place.
    ➢ 63 rollers are designed, and the rollers are built-in bearings. The diameter of the roller is 89x4mm high-quality seamless steel pipes.
    ➢ 2 guide transition rollers are installed at the rear end, and the diameter of the roller is 112x8mm, which is a high-quality seamless steel pipe with high strength and impact resistance. The roller can change its direction according to the user's loading requirements.
    ➢ The towbar is designed with 2 sets of buffering functions, which is light and convenient to lift and operate. The towbar is generally knotted until the mop head is 200mm above the ground.


    Size: 7930x2730x600mm
    Platform size: 6650x2730x508-518mm
    Loading weight≥18000kg
    Speed: 25km/h
    Turning radium: ≤9000mm
    Max. speed:25km/h

    Main parts materialCHIDGE

    ➢ Frame: adopt for 18#, 16#, 12# channel steelMain parts material1kbf

    ➢ Front wheel: 266*160mm wear-resistant rubber tyre manufactured according to American TRA and European ETRTO standards. The front wheel is composed of 8 sets of universal wheel mechanisms with 360 degree steering. The front wheel steering bearing pedestal is precision cast steel. The tire iron core is a forging. The wheel frame is welded with 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm steel plates. Wheel axles and vertical shafts are φ 90,  φ 95 (45 #) round steel and φ 95 * 10 seamless pipe. The wheel axle and vertical axle shall be quenched and tempered.Main parts material29px

    ➢ Rear wheel: The rear wheels are designed as fixed wheels in the form of spherical bearings. The whole set of rear wheels can swing from side to side to adjust the uneven road surface. There are 8 pcs in 2 units. Tyre use φ 400 × 133 High density, high elasticity and high quality iron core rubber wheel, the tire iron core is a casting, and the axle is made of φ 60 (45 #) round steel, all axles are quenched and tempered. The wheel frame is made of 12 # channel steel, 20mm, 40mm and 50mm thick steel plates and φ 65 round steel.Main parts material37jv

    Break: Rear wheel break, controlled by towbar, it will break when the towbar is up.

    Main parts material4nin

    ➢ Roller: Ф89×4mm hot-dip galvanized closing roller, external bearing seat, convenient for container loading and unloading, container plate can be loaded and unloaded from the end side.Main parts material5id7

    ➢ Flip type limit mechanism: it can load P1P, P6P, PLA, FQA, FQW, PMW, DQF, ALF, DPE, AVE, P7E and other aviation pallets, with reliable limit.Main parts material5if3

    ➢ Walkway with 3mm checkered plate in the middle of the pallet.Main parts material6w9f

    ➢ Towbar: It has dual functions of multi car connection and braking, and is welded with 12 # channel steel and 4mm steel plate. When it is erected, it has a locking device; A spring buffer structure is installed between the mop and the frame to reduce the weight of the mop and facilitate connection. The connecting rod between mop and frame is φ 60 * 8 hot-rolled seamless pipe. When the mop is erected, it is provided with a locking device and can be assembled or disassembled.Main parts material7wa7

    ➢ Hooker: The structure is simple and reliable, with anti falling protection.Main parts material86mt

    ➢ Surface: The surface of main components shall be sandblasted and rust proof, and painted or galvanized according to customer requirements.Main parts material9p1u