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20th Anniversary of Transport Logistic China


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20th Anniversary of Transport Logistic China


From June 25 to 27, the highly anticipated Transport Logistic China 2024 will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This is not only the first "biennial" drama staged by the Transport Logistic China after the epidemic, but also the brilliant moment of the 20th anniversary of the exhibition in China.


As the Asian version of the Munich International Logistics Fair transport logistic, which has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for more than 40 years, transport logistic China was successfully launched in China in 2004. Adhering to the purpose of "the flow of things, the chain to the world", the exhibition grasps the market, conforms to the development of The Times, and has always grown side by side with China's logistics industry.


Looking back on the past 20 years, the scale of the Transport Logistic China has expanded from the initial more than 10,000 square meters to 50,000 square meters of exhibition area by 2024, attracting nearly 700 exhibitors from around the world, and it is expected that more than 30,000 professional visitors from more than 80 countries and regions will participate in the event. The exhibition field has also been extended to the existing 9 major sectors, covering all aspects of the logistics industry chain such as logistics services, air freight, road and rail transport, port shipping logistics, logistics real estate, fresh cold chain logistics, smart logistics and information systems, logistics equipment and special vehicles. At the same time, it successfully built its three major brand exhibitions: Asia Air Cargo Expo, Asia Fresh Supply Chain Expo and Asia Smart Innovation Logistics Exhibition.


These significant increases not only confirm the localization, internationalism, innovation and professionalism of the Transport Logistic China from the perspective of the "whole industry chain", but also reflect its closely linked development process with China's logistics industry.


In the past 20 years, as a witness and promoter of the development of China's logistics industry, the Transport Logistic China has helped colleagues in the industry to work together and walk out of the high-quality development road of China's logistics quality and efficiency. The exhibition from foreign enterprises to dominate the world, to now local enterprises shine, it is a reflection of our country's logistics specialization from scratch, from weak to strong change. The Transport Logistic China not only shows the innovation power and vitality of China's logistics to the world, but also accelerates the pace of internationalization of China's logistics, and provides a platform for exchange and cooperation with the introduction of international logistics technology and services.


As one of the global series of German transport logistic brand exhibitions, the Transport Logistic China naturally has the advantage of "foreign ancestry" in terms of international influence and professionalism. Taking root in China and promoting the robust growth of the exhibition in China can not be separated from close cooperation and strong alliance with local partners.

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In 2016, Transport Logistic China reached a long-term strategic cooperation with China Transport Association and its subsidiary China International Logistics Festival, maximizing the association's good cooperative relations and resource advantages with local governments and enterprises, and comprehensively enhancing the overall scale and local influence of the exhibition.


At the same time, the Transport Logistic China fully inherits the strong "internationalization" gene of the German parent exhibition, superposition the international resources of the series exhibitions in Germany, Turkey, India, Singapore, the United States, South Africa and other places, attract the world's well-known logistics providers to gather in China, and build an important bridge for connecting China and the global logistics supply chain industry and promoting cross-regional exchanges and cooperation. The events held at the same time of the exhibition, such as air cargo China, Sino-German Logistics Forum and World Air Cargo Awards, not only enhance the international vision of the Transport Logistic China, but more importantly, open the door to the dialogue world for Chinese enterprises.


It is thanks to this combination of international vision and local wisdom that the Transport Logistic China has flourished over the past two decades.


As the leader of the development of the industry, the Transport Logistic China has always been keen to catch the new wind of the industry, and spare no effort to inject fresh vitality into the change and development of the industry through innovative measures.


Under the joint emergence of the rapid rise of e-commerce and the trend of consumption upgrading, the field of fresh logistics in China has shown unprecedented huge demand and development potential in the past decade. In this regard, since 2014, Transport Logistic China has taken the lead in launching a sub-brand exhibition - Asia Fresh Supply Chain Expo, with unique positioning and platform advantages to help China fresh logistics to improve the quality of development, transformation and upgrading, to cope with unlimited opportunities and challenges.


With the full opening of the Industry 4.0 era and the in-depth implementation of the Made in China 2025 strategy, a new wave of the global scientific and technological revolution has swept the logistics industry. In 2019, the Transport Logistic China once again broke through itself and innovated to create another new brand exhibition of Asian Smart Innovation Logistics Exhibition, comprehensively focusing on the integration of digital intelligence new technology in the traditional fields of sea, land and air logistics and applied to practical results, painting a new picture of wisdom and efficiency for the future development of the logistics industry.


In this era of "experience is king", the Transport Logistic China strives to enrich the core of the exhibition with advancing exhibition services. The exhibition actively expands online services, relying on the Chinese and English official website, wechat public account, exhibition mini program and other carriers, so that exhibitors can get a lot of additional exposure and publicity in addition to the offline exhibition; Carefully planned forward and reverse pairing, theme visit routes, for professional buyers and exhibitors to provide efficient business docking services. Logistics salons held regularly in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, with the theme of "small circle, big thought", allow like-minded logistics people to obtain innovative ideas, exchange practical experience, listen to everyone's ideas, and constantly expand the extension of the exhibition.


Twenty years of accumulation is not only a witness, but also embodies the wisdom and strength of the logistics industry in continuous exploration and innovation. At the Transport Logistic China, we have witnessed the leap in logistics technology, the transformation of service models and the evolution of industry ecology. Every challenge and opportunity has created the indomitable spirit of logistics personnel, and also promoted the development of the entire industry towards a more efficient, intelligent and green direction.